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I heard microsoft bought mojang





wtf catastrophic flooding i live in arizona this isn’t supposed to happen!!!!

This is TERRIFYING. I live on a hill. I have never been though a flooding before. WHAT DO I DO. PLS HELP ME. I am seriously freaking out. What the fuck am I supposed to do? I get terrible cabin fever. If I can’t leave then I’m gonna go crazy.

shit i live with my aunt up near the mountains (i rent out her guest room) and last week with the flooding i barely made it out in time. If you see there’s flooding going on around you and it looks unsafe, dO NOT GO ANYWHERE. your car can literally be carried out and it almost happened to me driving on Speedway to pick up my niece

if you’re in phoenix, stay away from flood zones 

if it’s not safe out try distracting yourself while you’re home by watching netflix or something, the flood watch (at least in tucson) is through thursday but may clear up before then

hopefully it’s not as bad as last time it literally came out of nowhere and i thought i was gonna die

Living in Louisiana, we deal with quite a bit of flooding. Used to live in Surprise, not a whole lot of rain anywhere near that area. It’s monsoon season, isn’t it?

Sandbags are your friend. They will be your greatest asset.

I used to live in a part of town where we would get flooded a lot (happened at least once or twice every five years which is pretty frequent for NJ; hence why they called the place “Lost Valley”).

Some helpful tips to remember;

-If you have a basement with windows, open them; you don’t want the water pressure blowing them out.

-Have important things like wedding pictures, photo albums or anything else dearly important to you already packed up and ready to go beforehand; avoids confusion and loss of valuables if you have to leave in a hurry.

-If you have to leave, remember to pack a few outfits and other necessities. I know it may sound simple and easy to remember, but my family has forgotten before. We went two weeks with just the cloths on our backs once…

-If you have valuables that you can’t take with you, put them in the attic. Looters like to come through places after floods and take everything that’s not nailed down. Also, the attic is probably the safest and least likely places to get totally trashed.

-It’s never too early to leave. If you feel like you’re about to be in trouble, start packing things up. There’s less of a chance you’ll either end up forgetting something really important, get stuck in the mad dash to leave town, get stuck in town with no way in or out (they’ll close the roads when things start getting messy and in some cases there might not be a way in or out of your town), or end up trapped on your roof for days.

- pick a place to go ahead of time, you don’t want to be stuck on the outskirts of town with no cell service or in a car with no gas.

-There’s a chance internet and power could be out for days (during sandy the town I live in now lost it for two weeks, other places in NJ didn’t have it until after Christmas!) stock up on books, games, other time-occupying things to keep yourself busy.

- a generator is a life saver! If you have one, stock up on gas and only use it for a few hours a night if you have to.  

-If you can find D batterys, buy them all. we literally had a D battery shortage before Sandy; we couldn’t find them anywhere!

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Steve Burns or ‘Steve’ from Blue’s Clues explaining his inner struggle between which Steve he is. With the help of a stripper and his nerdy friends Steve is able to understand his life more clearly.

This just made my childhood.

  • Things I want: Rooster Teeth logo pajama pants.
  • Things I am totally not willing to spend $32.95 on: Rooster Teeth logo pajama pants.






My brain likes things like this.

This is a lie. War and Peace takes at least five years. 

I am such a slow reader. I read at the same speed that I talk. I don’t want to miss a word, the author chose each word deliberately, spent time over deciding exactly which word should follow each other…who am I to skip one? I need to feel the text, pause when someone would pause if they were speaking, feel the natural rhythm of the text. So, essentially, it takes me as long to read a book as it would take me to read it out loud…if I was doing a dramatic reading.


*university voice* unfortunately… we have too much money… so we have to raise tuition so we can build a place to keep all the other money in… so sorry unavoidable

To All Musicians Who Treat The Pit Like They're Anything Less Than Actual Dedicated People


May your reed chip before a major performance. May your spit valve clamp shut and nothing will pry it open. May you forget your instrument on a trip out of state. May you start on the right foot instead of the left at rehearsal and may you be reprimanded by the director for…


that’s it. that’s the whole show

Two of my favorite things; Band and Rooster Teeth




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